Let's learn about jellyfish!

Fun Facts about Jellyfish!

Gross but true:

Inside their bell shaped body, there is a mouth, but not just any mouth! They consume (eat) food through it, but they also dicsard waste through it. This means that they basically poop out of their mouth! EW! But that's not all that they use their mouth for! They squirt water out from it, and this lets them go forward.


Jellyfish stings can be painful to humans, but also vey dangerous! This is why when some people see a jellyfish, they will run away. But the truth is, they dont sting us on purpose. (because they only sting their prey, and they can't swallow a human... obviously!) They usually sting you if you accidentally touch them, otherwise they'll leave you alone!

Jelly fashion!

Jellyfish come in many different colours. Some are transparent (see-through, clear) while others can be colours like pink, yellow, blue, and purple. Some can even be luminescent (kind of glow in the dark).

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Most people, when they think about jellyfish, they think of only one or two types of jellyfish. Which one? Only you can know that! All of these images are from Wikipedia Look at them, and then take the quiz to see which ones you can remember!

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