All about Orcas!!
Orcas (Killer Whales) are super interesting! Here are our favourite facts!

The name killer whales is sometimes given to Orcas, but they are actually a type of dolphin. They are also one the most powerful and sucessful carnivourous (meat eating) predators on Earth. Read the rest of our facts, and make sure to play the fun game at the end!

Click here to start the game! Play the game, maybe time yourself and beat your highscores! Use the arrow keys to control the Orca. Catch that fish!

Have you ever seen an Orca? Have you ever been to a marine park that maybe did Orca shows? If you ever do, watch closely! Orcas in captivity tend to rock back an forward or sway from side to side. This type of behaviour is developed from stress or boredom.