We aren't so different!!

Every big thing has a small beginning. Our group is still at the small beginning stage, but it doesn't have to stay that way. You can help us! Go now and tell someone else about our website. That way, more people will come here to learn about the oceans!

Did you do it? Hopefully you did!

Do you have anything you're fighting for? Maybe ending world hunger? Maybe something small like a certain toy is too expensive? Maybe something big like being the first person on Mars? Whatever it is, however big an issue it is, if it means something to you, then fighting for it is probably worth it! We believe that if we can change people's minds about our oceans and marine life, that's worth more than anything.

This wouldn't be a big issue if there were many other planets that we know of that could support life, and if (just in case) had a rocket big enough and strong enough to get us there if something bad happened here. But we don't have that. We can't evacuate Earth. If it got so polluted we coudn't breathe anymore, we'd be doomed. We only have one home, and are being stupid enough to destroy it. Some people think life on Mars might be the answer, but we think we should stop running from our problems and we should stand there, square up and face them. It's not too late. We can fix this. But if we don't act soon, we mightn't stand a chance.

Look at that picture of the Earth. it's green, but most of it is blue. All of that blue is water. We need it to live. That water evaporates into clouds and then it rains, so the trees and plants can grow. We need those because trees provide us with air to breate and plants eventually land on our dinner table, in a soup, or as a side dish. The ocean also supports so many forms of life. Take the blue whale. The largest mammal to have EVER lived. A creature thar big must be really strong. They are, but without water, even they wouldn't stand a chance. Look at that picture. Think abut three animals you know need water to survive. Now think about your last meal. Was it wrapped in plastic? Did you use a single-use plastic bottle? Was there any plastic involved, at all? Most vegetables and fruits, and meats, and fish, and drinks, and yoghurts come wrapped in plastic. Most of it gets dumped into the oceans. Imagine all the fish in the ocean, trapped in your yoghurt container, choking on your plasic bottle. Scary, right? Next time you drink from a plastic bttle, don't throw it out. Make something with it, like a bird feeder, or fill it up again, and use it tomorrow and next week, instead of wasting money on a new one every day. If you did this, you'd be saving lives. Saving the lives of the fish that might choke on it otherwise. Saving the lives of humans, on a bigger scale, since pollution and plastic waste could be the cause of our extinction. Look around you. Do you see any plastics that will be thrown out later? Can you think of any way to reuse it? If you can, great! If not, is there any way you can stop buying these? Maybe get a reusable bottle instead of a single-use one? Saves money.

Fight for someting you believe in. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Save money, lives and our big, blue planet.

Our group has many people in it. We're all under 18, but still doing everything we can to make a difference. We live in a time where it is really easy to make our ideas public. We even created a poster on the very first day the group was formed. Since then, we've had a few new members join the gang. Here is a picture of the poster!

Didi you know you can join the gang? Support the cause by recommending this website to other people and doing all of the activities on this page! Or, you can go another step! Print out the page linked at the end of this paragraph and glue the circle onto a cardboard circle. Then, attach a safety pin to the back, and wear your new badge proudly!

⬅️ There's your template!

Or click here! Print it out and wear it! Then, you're officially an Aquatic Lunatic! Welcome to the gang! Keep reading these pages and then spread your knowledge accross the world! We've got a planet to save!